Studio Capabilities

Studio Capabilities

Concept Direction

Concept Direction

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

A comprehensive report that evaluates the property and the surrounding market to recommend a concept positioning that will set the space up for success. The deliverable is customized to the client’s needs but can include the following: SWOT analysis, target guest analysis, competitive research, positioning recommendation, branding words, concept statement, menu and beverage program direction, tabletop direction, uniform direction, branding concept, marketing direction, spatial planning, and design direction.

Concept Recommendation &
Menu Direction

Concept Recommendation & Menu Direction

Concept Recommendation
& Menu Direction

For clients who have already identified the market opportunity we offer a concept overview that defines the direction of the beverage program and menu, along with other touchpoints such as concept statement, branding recommendations, and guest touchpoints.

Space & Master Planning

In partnership with our interior design studio, we are brought onto projects in the early planning stages to identify the strengths and challenges of a space. From there we deliver recommended solutions for zoning that maximizes functionality and opportunities for profit.

Beverage Development

A well-crafted beverage program is a primary factor in increasing guest satisfaction. Our team of mixologists, sommeliers, and cicerones craft profitable and innovative beverage programs that perfectly complement your concept.

Menu Development

Working closely with your chef, we review and update your menu to keep guests coming back for more, while optimizing recipes for cost efficiency.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

Concept Design

Equal parts creative and analytical, we approach projects by evaluating the site and operational constraints to provide a creative design direction for the space that will serve as the high-level vision throughout the following phases of design.

Schematic Design

This is where the vision begins to solidify into specific selections of FF&E, materials, custom pieces, and artwork, in accordance with budget.

Design Development

With the high level creative vision in hand, we continue into Schematic Design, fleshing out the concepts into broad-stroke design direction, in partnership with our clients.

Construction Documentation

We provide detailed plans that equip the procurement and construction teams with the tools they will need to order and install the interior design elements – bringing the concept to life.

Construction Administration

We bring the project to life, coordinating with external parties to implement all aspects of the design, trouble-shooting along the way and ensuring the project stays on schedule for a successful and timely opening.

Branding & Identity

Naming + Visual Identity

During Naming, RoseBernard Studio conducts a process of branding discovery, research, and revision to arrive at a brand name for the project. Based on the selected name and Client standards and guidelines, We will develop a mark that visually represents the Property concept and name. The final deliverable for this service is a brand book that outlines the application of the brand, including standards and usage guidelines.

Collateral & Packaging

At the completion of Logo Development, key elements of the brand identity will be used to craft collateral, creating a visual narrative across project touch points. To ground the project in an artistic direction, RoseBernard Studio will provide three high-level collateral concepts, from which the Client will select one direction. Select pieces of collateral are developed including but not limited to business cards, menus, beverage program books, stationary, comment cards, and stamps.

Tabletop Development

RoseBernard Studio will evolve the tabletop concept to define the specific table elements, including but not limited to: china, glass, silver, linens, and table accessories. Items are selected for concept adherence, compliance with Property tabletop procurement policies and budget.

Uniform Development

RoseBernard Studio will evolve the uniform concept to define the specific dress for the front of house staff by service position, including but not limited to: tops, bottoms, footwear, accessories, and grooming. Items are selected for concept adherence, compliance with Property uniform procurement policies, and budget.





Concept Brief & Pro Forma Review

We’ve reviewed a lot of concepts over the years, so we know what works. Having immersed ourselves in a variety of concepts, we’re equipped for reviewing new ideas in almost any market, from identity and design to menu and financials. Get a second set of eyes on your ambitions and feel more comfortable in your next step. We offer a full peer review of concept, design, culinary, beverage, and financials.

Restaurant Assessment

Have our restaurant experts and seasoned diners give your property the once-over, providing you with feedback to improve, grow and drive your business. Taken from the guest’s point of view, this assessment provides ownership and management with feedback on the guest experience including standards adherence if applicable. Simultaneously, we inspect your financial reports and provide focus points for further investigation.

Kitchen Audit

Ergonomics, efficiency and cleanliness can greatly impact the productivity and profitability of your kitchen. Utilizing a health department-type inspection checklist, our Serv-Safe certified team can help uncover opportunities for reducing waste and improving performance from your culinary team.

Beverage Audit

As in the kitchen, the layout of the bar, development of the beverage program, and adherence to best practices can dramatically improve efficiency and guest satisfaction. Having set up numerous beverage programs in a variety of settings, our team has a quick eye for making small improvements with big impacts.

As in the kitchen, the layout of the bar, development of the beverage program, and adherence to best practices can dramatically improve efficiency and guest satisfaction. Having set up numerous beverage programs in a variety of settings, our team has a quick eye for making small improvements with big impacts.

Menu Analysis & Pricing Review

With an eye for detail, we analyze your menu design, layout and pricing to reveal hidden opportunities for incremental sales.


FF&E Procurement

Provide procurement for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.  FF&E generally includes carpet, pad, wall covering, specialty lighting, beds and frames, bedspreads, fabrics, drapery, case goods, upholstered furniture, chandeliers, artwork and frames, ironwork, mirrors, banquet and meeting rooms seating, custom furniture and other furnishings normally used in a hospitality application.

Product Sourcing

We provide and manage our suppliers that can consistently deliver on your optimal business requirements of price and quality.

Freight & Delivery Management

Our relationships with our carriers and partners helps keep your transportation costs to a minimum.

Installation Oversight

We define the project timeline and budget, finalize the installation schedule and provide management throughout the implementation process until project completion.

Hospitality Fine Art Program

Hotels, Resort, Restaurant site evaluations, concept design, public space art selections, site-specific commissions, guest room reproductions, fabrication, custom framing, and mirrors; art procurement, delivery and installation.

Residential Art Advisory Services

Art market research, curated presentations based on client’s individual tastes and budget, custom framing, procurement, delivery, and installation.